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Reasons for using steel instead of wooden frames

steel buildingsThere are many reasons why steel frame buildings are a better choice than buildings made of wood. Some of these are more apparent, and some takes a deeper analysis to understand. 

For example, steel can be molded in many different shapes and designed to perfectly fit with whatever it is that you plan on constructing.


This is something that can be done at a cheaper cost and at a faster rate than if wood were used. The strength to weight ratio of steel is also excellent compared to wood.

Listed below are some of the reasons why one should opt for steel when constructing a building:

  • Steel buildings are easy to install. When building your carport, garage, barn, office building, or even workshop, there is no need to be constantly cutting and hammering large, hard to carry, wooden planks. Often with wood, you have to constantly match and fit to make sure that every plank is the same size. With steel frames, they come in accurately created models that are meant to fit into and onto each other. Fewer workers are required for the process, also.
  • Since less work is required and thus less manpower is necessary, using steel for construction purposes is more cost-effective than using wood.
  • Steel buildings offer much more resistance to the elements, especially fire. Steel buildings will not attract pests such as termites, rodents, and bugs that can eventually rot out a wooden frame. Steel buildings are much more durable than wooden buildings in the short and long run. With wooden buildings, you always have to worry about parts of the frame that may become weaker over time, but a steel frame is consistent and will remain sturdy throughout the whole frame.

Examples of steel buildings in action

There are many reasons why sky scrapers are made from large amounts of steel. The Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building in New York City, for example, is made from steel. The steel components of the Chrysler Building provide it with a tremendous amount of wind resistance. This steel controls horizontal wind sway by acting as a pole and moving as one unit. On top of this, making the whole building from steel allows it to be more rigid and braces against earthquake damage.

Aviation safety is one of the most important and most regulated areas out there. It is important to keep all aircraft in tip-top condition while in flight. This means that a lot must be done on the ground to ensure the safety of passengers when flying. Steel framed aircraft hangars are the best way to keep your aircraft safe. Hangars made from steel provide protection from heavy storms, heavy snowfall, a potential fire outbreak, and even potential floods. 

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