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Steel Garages: Our Guide To The Ultimate Protection For Your Vehicle | Anchor Steel Structures

Steel Garages: Our Guide To The Ultimate Protection For Your Vehicle

Metal Garages 

steel garage

Anchor metal garages are a cost-effective solution to safeguard your precious possessions.

Whether you are an individual looking for a garage to store vehicles or household items or a large organization struggling to find extra space, we have got you covered. 


Detached Garage: Uses And Benefits

Here are some additional benefits of having a separate garage for your home:

  • Consider this: if your garage is not attached to your home, you could use that space to add on to your house—maybe another bedroom? You could have an outdoor patio or cooking area or perhaps a garden would be more valued there.
  • Maybe you live in a mild climate and you would prefer to take a scenic stroll from your car to your home. (Assuming you enjoy your landscaping, that is). Sometimes an attached garage to a smaller home overwhelms the overall look to the home. A detached car shelter can be a better alternative.
  • You can customize the size, location and design of your detached garage. Need to park four vehicles? Not a problem with our custom built garages and carport options.
  • Do you need a separate work shop away from your home? Our garages are ideal for automotive mechanics who need a place to repair vehicles or for anyone who needs more storage or work space. The uses are almost endless, and they are great for transferring some of the noise of a workshop away from your home. 

Questions About Garages? Call Our Experts! (888) 369-6096.

Metal Garages | Roofing Styling Options

Our metal garages are completely enclosed and can be manufactured utilizing any one of our three distinct roofing designs: Regular, Boxed Eve, or Vertical Roof designs. With the vertical roof style, rainfall, as well as snowfall can easily run off the roof sides faster and easier, supplying protection all year long . We utilizes top quality galvanized metal inside all of our garages, therefore there is no reason to be concerned about termites, dry rot, or any other sources of damage.

A standard garage unit includes a combination of garage doors, walk-in doors and swing doors. All of our models can be entirely custom-made to allow for vertical siding, side entries, dividers, and much more. Our customers can get custom garages in a variety of colors; All of our steel garages are available in eighteen different colors, giving you many options for the look and feel of the building.

Detached Garage Cost | Factors

blue steel garageGarages are a great way to add more space to your home or they can function as a stand alone building. The prices of garages can vary. Read on to see how the following factors affect the price. 

Building Sizes: Standard | Triple Wide | Forty Wide

Garage sizes are usually available in three sizes: Standard (12 x 24), Certified Triples (26 x 30) and Certified 40 Wide (32 x 40). As you might guess, the price increases with the size of the building. You should also know that the forty Wide buildings are all Certified.

Where You Live

Also affecting the garage price is which state you live in. Local building permits will vary, which will affect the price, as will your proximity to the building manufacturer.

Regular or Certified Garage | Gauge 12 or 14

A Certified garage  costs more than the standard (also called regular) version. Certified garages carry wind gust protection requirements. Areas requiring permits often require that you build a Certified building. Florida residents, for instance, must construct Certified garages on their properties.

Panels And Gable Ends

Panel and gable ends are optional for garages that are standard style. You can, of course, pay to add them.

Walk-In Door, Garage Door, Window Frameouts

If you want to have windows or doors installed, you will need frameouts. The size, number, and the type of frameout will factor into the price of the garage.

Style Of Roof

Vertical and Boxed Eve roof styles are costlier than Standard roofs.

Walk-In + Garage Doors And Windows

These are all optional and you will pay more to get them.

Mobile Home Anchors + J-Trim, Extra Bracing

As with doors and windows, these options are not required but are available for an added charge.

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